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What to expect when beginning Karate?

Karate in Warrington! One of the more popular martial art, is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

Making karate one of the easiest martial arts to find a school for. Karate schools are located in just about every major city worldwide. The aim is to make you familiar with karate in Warrington. Karate lessons can vary from around £6.50 per lesson but some karate schools could charge more or even charge you an insurance fee.

kids at karate in warringtonWhere do you practice karate in Warrington?

Karate is practiced in what is called a “Dojo,” the Japanese term for the training area.

Many excellent Karate practitioners trained in garages, basements, and backyards converted into Dojos. You can find various places to practice karate in Warrington.

Karate requires a good attitude

As a new student begins to study Karate many frustrations will develop if the proper attitude is not applied. Not every student is going to walk into a Karate school and grasp everything that is taught to them. But before the student starts training they must find a good school. And then build up enough courage to actually walk through the door to inquire about the style of Karate and school.

But before the student starts training they must find a good school. And then build up enough courage to actually walk through the door to inquire about the style of Karate and school.

Next, the student must develop the “Can Do” attitude. The student must instill in their mind that they can accomplish and achieve whatever they set their mind to. Also, have a positive attitude about the experience of learning Karate.

Karate is defined as empty hand meaning it’s a form of self-defense making the body a martial weapon. But there are other benefits of Karate. Some of the most common are:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Gain Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Strengthen the Mind
  • Gain Balance
  • Learning Perseverance

Next, is find out exactly why you want to study Karate, so, you can establish goals. There are many reasons why people study Karate.

  • Is it for the sport?
  • Is it going to be a hobby?
  • Is it for self-defense?
  • Is it for Physical Fitness?

Is learning karate difficult & can anyone do it?

Whatever the reason Karate is one of the easier martial arts to learn, although you might not think so during the very first class you enter as a student. Keep in mind the first time you do something in Karate is going to be the most difficult.

A lot of people drop out of Karate because of this and never really give Karate or themselves the chance. If you are finding Karate is not for you maybe you are in the wrong school. Try another school and instructor. Remember Karate is for everybody!

As the student steps onto the floor of the Karate school, there are several things they must know. Some schools prefer the traditional methods where bowing is required. This is the eastern method for showing respect towards a person.

It is not worshiping the person you are bowing to. Ask the senior ranks the rules for bowing and how to bow. They will be very helpful in this area.

Respect your karate instructor

No matter what you do give the utmost respect to the instructor and senior ranks. You could be spending a lot of time with these individuals. Plus they will be more willing to help you when you display respect and gratitude.

When talked to or asked a question by the instructor answer with “yes” and “no.” Most schools require you address the instructor as “Sensei” while senior ranks addressed as Mr. and Mrs. Sensei is a Japanese term for teacher or one who came before.

Different instructor, different lessons!

What you actually do in Karate class depends on the school and instructor. For the most part, classes will about one hour in length with warm-up exercises at the beginning of the class. In your very first class, you should learn a few basic techniques to get you acclimated to Karate.

The basic techniques you should learn is the basic punch and one or two basic blocking techniques. Some schools may even teach the basic front kick. Generally, kicking is reserved for later classes. Pay attention in class, you can learn a lot by watching other practitioners.

Will learning karate be painful?

Guaranteed, a couple of days after this first class you will have sore muscles. You are using muscles in a way never used before. One thing about this is to persevere.

Continue on and the soreness will disappear. Develop the discipline to go to class. Many times you will not want to go to class because of fatigue. This is where discipline comes into play. Use the “Can Do” attitude and force yourself to go.

The first six months continue going to class three days a week. After the first six months, you can increase or decrease to whatever workout regiment you like. By this time you should have enough knowledge about Karate to practice on your own.

Karate schools in Warrington

  • Shotokan Karate at Grappenhall Karate Club.
  • Seishin-do Shukokai Karate
  • www.mattfiddescheshire.co.uk

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