Karate Styles

The first American martial art, Kenpo karate has achieved noteworthy popularity since its origin. This form of karate is derived from a variety of Japanese and Chinese martial arts. Its founder Ed Parker infused a lot of his own style along with numerous primordial moves. It was built on in a way that it imparts skills that impact both kids and adults in their lives and boasts faith. Kenpo karate provides a person with gear that builds up self-belief and self-reliance. It bestows people with a to do attitude which means that a person can take on any challenge facing him or her. There is enhanced confidence, increased focus and sharpened awareness of the surroundings.

Kenpo karate is especially very good for children as it provides them with discipline, poise, assurance, health and fun. Kids benefit from a safe and structured environment and lots of exercise. It’s a great way to give head start to children in life as it caters to kids of all ages. As the children are exposed to a regulated atmosphere this results in increased attention span along with many other qualities as augmented coordination, strength and flexibility. These attributes prove to be an excellent reinforcement of study techniques as karate kids listen, learn and achieve better. Kids have not only greater fitness but they have higher energies and soaring motivation levels. Children who are overweight or out of shape do profit from this form of karate. The novelty of exercise equipment burns out sooner in kids but with kenpo karate techniques and sessions they don’t get bored. You can buy the kenpo karate dvds to learn this skill at home, too.

In this era of sedentary life styles kenpo doubles as self defense and over all good exercise. It is a fun alternative for cardio exercises for adults. Kenpo burns calories with moves that make you stronger and leaner. By varying your routine throughout you can’t get bored with the workouts and maintain interest and enthusiasm. There are various workouts available in market as yoga which provides balance and cardio that is known for endurance but it doesn’t provide agility. Kenpo karate is one kind of martial art that provides all the above traits and much more. In kenpo karate a combination of strikes (using punches and kicks etc) with alternate blocks is used in a rapid fire sessions that actually aids in acquiring quickness of movements.  It can help in achieving a healthy weight and toning the body muscles in adults as it’s a thorough calisthenics.


Karate Tips

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